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Fan... listing?
A fanlisting is a site that houses a list of fans. That's it. For more info, visit TFL.

Xena... Season 3?
Season Three (my personal fave) begins with Ares getting revenge on Xena for whatever he construes as past wrongs. The season then follows Xena and Gabrielle through many trials and tribulations, including Gabrielle's daughter being an evil spawn who kills Xena's son, Aphrodite being jealous of Xena's renown, Joxer being his normal Joxer'y self (and with much Gabrielle ogling), Callisto's reappearance and subsequent hijinx, and many a rift between Gabrielle and Xena.
It's a brilliant season (there's even an episode that is a musical! And it's AWESOME.) and if you're fan, please do join the list. :D

Site... technical something?
This site was made with hand-typed html coding, paint shop pro 8, and caps from Mike's Images.