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I don't own the copyright to the ep or Stargate SG-1. MGM, Double Secret, Gekko, Scifi, et cetera own it. I'm just a big fan. And I sure ain't making no profit from this here site.

What is a fanlisting?
A fanlisting is a just what it says: a website with a list of fans.
This particular fanlisting is part of thefanlistings.org, a site with a database of over 45,000 fanlistings for various subjects.

Site info:
This fanlisting originally belonged to Jackie. She allowed me to adopt in early October 2004.

This site was made with lots of copy and paste, notepad, Paint Shop Pro 7 with Eye Candy plug-in, and caps from a now defunct fansite.

About me
I'm Bonster. I love fanlistings. A lot. I love Stargate SG-1. A lot. And I really, really love Space Race a lot as it made me laugh all the way through and was just plain highly entertaining. *snoogles it*
To catch a broader look at my fanlisting fever, check out my collective: Knick Knack Bliss