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Episode Info

Original Air Date: August 1, 2003
Written By: Damian Kindler
Director: Andy Mikita

-Guest Stars-

Warrick: Alex Zahara
Eamon: G. Patrick Currie
Jarlath: Scott MacDonald
Del Tynan: Allan Lysell
Hagan: Terence Kelly
Taupen: Nick Misura
Ardal Hadraig: Colin Murdock
Coyle Boron: Peter Kelamis
Receptionist: Hillary Cooper
Muirios: Ben Ayres
La'el Montrose: Lindsay Maxwell

(by Jackie)

Warrick, the alien that SG-1 helped in Season 6's "Forsaken," returns to the SG-1 with a proposition. If the SGC provides his ship with a Naquadah reactor, which will help him win an important race, he'll allow Earth to study his planet's technology. Sam eagerly accepts the offer and asks to accompany Warrick on the race. It's clear to Daniel that Sam isn't just motivated by technology, and Sam says if this mission turns out to be fun, "what's a girl to do?" The stakes of the race are high- whoever wins will get a lucrative contract from a major technology company on Warrick's planet, and Warrick desperately needs the money. However, Warrick's brother, Eamon, is less than thrilled with outsider help, and what's worse, someone is bent on fixing the race by sabatoging all the competition.


Sam: "Look, I know that this could be dangerous. But this is our job, right? It's what we signed on to do, right? We take risks in the hopes of achieving new levels of technology. If, and I stress if, participating in this race happens to be a little bit... I don't know..."
Daniel "Fun?"
Sam: "What's a girl to do?"

Eamon: *sarcastically* "I am honored to meet my brother's saviors."
Jack: "You know, I feel all warm and fuzzy, how about you?"

Warrick: "A complete operational manual of the Seberus. I had it translated for you."
Sam: "Thank you."
Jack: "That's not our language."
Sam: "It's mine... Sir."

Jack: "T, you coming?"
Teal'c: "Major Carter has requested that I remain so that I may assist her."
Jack: "She did?"
Sam: "I did?"
Teal'c: "Indeed."
Sam: "Right. Yes, thank you."
Teal'c: "I do not wish to disappoint Major Carter."
(haha! Sneaky Teal'c. Getting out of the boring excursion to the city. Rock on.)

And just a few seconds later, after Jack and Daniel head out...
Teal'c: "I am in your debt, Major Carter."
Sam: *amused* Indeed.

Warrick: "Eat greeven, Jarlath."
Jarlath: "You piece of-" *transmission is cut off*
Sam: "Greeven?"
Warrick: "Don't ask."

Coyle: "You'd be instantly vaporized."
Ardal: "Interesting... in a horrifying sense.

Ardal: "Now, Warrick must be disappointed to be facing defeat- and death- so early in the race."

Eamon: "This is my cousin..."
Teal'c: "Murray."
Eamon: "Mm, twice removed."

Eamon: (to Del Tynan) "You're just mad that you've been passed over for advancement three times.... Has it occurred to you that the reason you've been passed over, so many times, is not because you're human, but because you're a moron?"

Jarlath: "This is a waste of time! We don't have a chance! You're just going to get us killed!"
Sam and Warrick: "Shut up!"

Sam: "What are you doing?"
Jarlath: "Rerouting the conduit from your fancy power device, double backing it through the communications array."
Sam: "Why? So we can *ask* him to lose?"

Ardal: "You have got to love that there are no rules in this race!"
Coyle: "It's what makes this competition so special."

Sam: "Well, come on, it wasn't fair! Bunch of cheaters."
Daniel: "So, watcha gonna do?"
Sam: "Next year, I'm gonna kick butt."

-Extra Info-
(taken from Gateworld)

"It's a cool episode that we're actually shooting as we speak. It's kind of a video-game episode, and Sam engages in this space race in this ship with an alien that we'd encountered last season. ... It's interesting to play her [in] this episode, because she's a lot more fun, a little cheekier. She's like a little kid, because everything is all about this race, and she really gets off on it. ... I was talking to the director yesterday, after we'd finished a scene, and he said, 'Wow, I love what Sam is doing. I love what you're doing here with her.' I said, 'It's not too much, because you can't just suddenly bring in this whole new side of the character.' It's something that's always been there, and now it gets to be right at the forefront, the kind of style that she has of 'Woo-hoo! I get to be in a race.'" (Amanda Tapping, interview with Sci Fi Wire)

"I really want to find the heart of Carter, and see what makes her tick. What gets her juices flowing and and her blood boiling? 'Space Race' doesn't show any deep hidden secret about her but we get to see her having fun. She's an adrenaline junky. She's got a much better sense of humour now." (Amanda Tapping, in SFX magazine)

"'Space Race' is a departure episode. In this episode we see the return of Warrick, the character from 'Forsaken.' He comes to us, and he requests our help to win a race. Apparently on his planet, every year, a space race takes place and it's sponsored by a huge corporation. And the winner of the space race gets a lucrative transport contract with this corporation. Warrick and his brother desperately need to win the race, so they enlist the S.G.C.'s help. They simply want the naquadah generator that they can use on their ship, and Carter says okay, we'll give you the naquadah generator, but only so long as I get to tag along.
"So this is actually a fun Carter episode. This is Carter's chance to cut loose. She claims that the reason she needs to tag along is because she needs to keep an eye on the naquadah generator, that she can't let it out of her sight. But in reality the reason she's tagging along is because the race sounds like a lot of fun and when is she going to get an opportunity like this again? From just the preliminary stuff I've seen on this episode, it's going to be huge, huge, huge, huge. The visual effects department goes all out, and it's just going to be a very visual effects heavy episode. It'll be a lot of fun, but it will be a departure episode. It won't be your typical Stargate, 'team goes off-world, deals with a problem' episode. It takes place on a spaceship."
(Executive producer Joseph Mallozzi, in an interview with the Stargate SG-1 Explorer Unit)

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