Just what is a fanlisting? Well, the definition, taken from is:

A fanlisting is a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor, actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject.

Site Info
The current layout was made with CSS, html, Paint Shop Pro 8, fonts from, and images from DC Comics.

I'm Bonster. I'm a 32 year old hermitish gal who happens to be really into fanlistings. Have a look-see at the fl's I've joined and you'll see how completely obsessed I be. I first got addicted because of the codes. LOVE a good code. They're like stamps or baseball cards. Except they don't accrue over time LOL.

The name for the collective came about because...well, it just came to me lol. I'm a fan of Firefly and there were some newish images of Jewel Staite around, and I just knew I had to use her for the first layout. And combined with the Firefly love, I wanted something along the lines of Serenity. But I also wanted something...collect'y and fannish. So the name just kind of generated from there.

Paul Bettany looking all dreamy from Master and Commander was the second layout. He's pretty, and that shot where he was recovering the wound on land and he was just waking up...that shot was just...guh. Hee.

The third layout was the goa'uld Sokar from Stargate SG-1. Didn't match the whole...blissful thing at all, but it turned out really god damn cool and I figured what the hell. Bwah.

Layout number four featured Ryan Dunn "ice" fishing in Bam's house. During the ep of Viva La Ba, A Very Margera Christmas, Glomb and Bam and misc others put in an "ice rink" (superglide, 'fake ice') in Bam's house. The scene of the ice fishing was on the bonus features of the season one dvd. I'm just way amused by the bright hat and the flannel and the whole idea of fishing where there ain't no damn fish. Bwah.

Layout #5 was Bam n'Ryan. They are adorable. I love them.

Layout #6 featured a wonderful piece of Grissom fanart that mee 2004 TFL Secret Santa, Ingrid, made for me. :D

Layout #7 was based around an image taken from Bicentennial Man, which is such a fabulous movie, and I think keeps to the spirt of the robots that Asimov had in mind. :)

Layout eight featured Avril Lavigne rocking out. It was quite fun.

Layout nine, featured Riley Poole from National Treasure, a movie I'm freaking crazily enamoured with. Crazily. And the specific image of when he hugged an ancient statue. :D

Layout 10, made for the Movie Character Layout Marathon, was a Bicentennial Man layout, blues and purples, that I just adored. Yay Andrew Martin!

Layout 11 was Jack Bauer and Audrey Raines from 24. I. Love. Them. *pets*

Layout 12 was Elisha Cuthbert. LOVED those images of her and had to make a layout. *thumbs up* I reeeeally liked how it turned out. :D

Layout 13 was of Joe Flanigan in promo pics of him as John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis. I really like ole Joe. And in those images he's very pretty indeed. Also, I'm a bit obsessed with black, white, and red. So yeah. hee.

Layout 14 was three random images of Diane Kruger, who I think is one hot chick. And the layout just turned out damned nice. I quite like it. :)

Layout 15 featured an image of Radek Zelenka and Major Lorne from Stargate Atlantis. <3!!!

Layout 16 featured Andre Agassi. <3!

Layout 17 featured an image of Irina Derevko from the Alias ep, Passage (II).

Layout 18 featured Sydney Bristow, specifically from the Alias ep, Conscious.

Layout 19 featured Emily VanCamp. She is very, very pretty.

Layout 20 featured Chiana. In a fun hat. Yay Farscape. :)

Layout 21 featured multiple TARDISes. Because one TARDIS is not enough.

Layout 22 featured a free-falling Nightwing (Dick Grayson from DC Comics). I would ungay for him.

Layout 23 featured a fun shot of the One Tree Hill cast. Summer time! Woot!

Layout 24 featured Jennifer Lawrence, who is amazeballs.

Layout 25, the current one, features Crystal Reed, who is my current Queen and Goddess.

For more info on me, or to see what I'm doing with my life, if thou care, check out my livejournal.