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This is strictly a fansite; no profit is made. This site is not endorsed by Antonia Bird, Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, Ted Griffin, 20th century Fox, or any other creative personnel involved with the film.

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This site was made with html, css, div layers, my own screencaps, and JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 with eye-candy plug in.

About me:
I'm Bonster. I have many obsessions, and Ravenous is one of them. I first saw it because I was intrigued with the premise, and as I was watching, I found myself laughing, being grossed out, on the edge of my seat, and falling in love with the story and the characters and the music. It's also the first movie where I really saw Guy Pearce, and I was a fan from then on. And I'd seen Robert Carlyle only as Begbie, and I infinitely love Colquhoun more. And Jeffrey Jones is absolutely endearing, as is Jeremy Davies. Neal McDonough is a badass, plain and simple. John Spencer completely is a boob, and when he takes that bite of stew... bwah!!
The movie's just got a fantastic cast coupled with a great storyline. And there's lots of blood and gore, which is fun. How could one not love it? :) More about me, I'm addicted to fanlistings. It's What's For Dinner is part of my fanlistings collective: Knick Knack Bliss. Check it out.