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No creative or administrative personnel associated with Please, the album Pop, or U2, endorse this site. This is strictly a fansite and no profit is made.

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This site was made with html, css, div layers, screencaps from the livejournal user, desert_sky by way of the community, cap_it, and JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 with eye-candy plug in.
Love Is Not What You're Thinking Of is part of my collective: Knick Knack Bliss.

About me:
I'm Bonster. I have many obsessions, and U2 has been one since I was 13 (am now 23); they are my favorite band.
When I first heard the album Pop, I was not enamoured, except for the song Please, which I fell in love with right away. Several months went by, and somehow, I started falling in love with every song on the album, but my love of Please will always be strongest, as it is my favorite U2 song ever. It's just such a powerful song, and it's both futility and hope combined. It's simply beautiful.