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Site info
Hakka and Clo graciously allowed me to adopt this fanlisting in March 2005. <3
This site was made with html, css, div layers, screencaps from both Mike's Images and the livejournal user, silvercobwebs, and JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 with eye-candy plug in.
I'm in Tartarus is part of my collective: Knick Knack Bliss.

About me:
I'm Bonster. I have many obsessions, and Xena: Warrior Princess is definitely one of them.
Old Ares Had a Farm is one of my all-time favorite Xena episodes. It's so hilarious. When I first saw it, I knew I had to record it as soon as possible to watch over and over again. And luckily it re-aired a short time later, and my poor tape is a bit worn now, hehe. <3