This is strictly a fan site. No profit is made.

What is a fanlisting?

A fanlisting is a place for fans of a subject to build a listing of themselves and other fans for that very subject. It is not necessarily a mailing list, news service, fan club, etc. This particular fanlisting is part of thefanlistings.org, a network of over 25,000 fanlistings.

Site info

The mega-awesome Shifaa let me adopt this fanlisting in early January 2010. This version of the site was made with notepad, css, Paint Shop Pro 8, Photoshop CS, and images made by myself. For them, you can check out the gallery.

About me

I'm Bonster. I love fanlistings. A lot. High School Musical 2 is insanely better than High School Musical, and You Are the Music In Me is the absolute best song in the entire franchise. It's a ridiculously awesome honor to run this fl. :D