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Fan... listing?
A fanlisting is a site that houses a list of fans. That's it. For more info, visit TFL.

McShep... Slash Fanfiction?
Rodney Mckay and John Sheppard of Stargate Atlantis have stupid amounts of chemistry. If you choose to interpret this chemistry as being sexual in nature, you are slashing them. Essentially, you see them as hooking up (or could hook up, ah, pre-slash), and you probably root for that three second glance of love, that hand to the shoulder, that time when you KNOW it's just the two of them and oh my, there should be a story telling you what happened in that off-screen circumstance.
And so, you go out, find fanfiction, or write your own, with the boys in it, thereby filling your heart with the endless possibilities that such a wonderful story can bring you. :D
And yes, let us not forget the awesome pr0n factor. ;)

Site... technical something?
This site was made with eye-balled html coding, paint shop pro 8, and caps from oxoniensis art, stargatecaps.com, & sga.fan-arts.net. It was adopted by me from the wonderful Zu, who I profusely owe my thanks. :D
I'm Bonster, and Under My Skin is part of my fanlistings collective, Knick Knack Bliss.