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mary lynn

Fan... listing?
A fanlisting is a site that has a list of fans of a subject, any subject. That's it. For more info, visit TFL.

Site... technical yadda?
This site was made with eye-balled html coding, paint shop pro 8, and images from various google image seaches, Geek Monthly, 24 Online, 24fans.de, and the chlack lj comm.

Me... and my Mary Lynn love?
I'm Bonster, a 24 year old gal, who guess what, likes the show 24. I've seen Mary Lynn in various things, but 24 is where she really got my attention. Since I watched Mr. Show and liked it, I've been rewatching it, and gah. I love her even more. And her random roles in Road Trip and Sweet Home Alabama? She is love.
After seeing her in an interview with Conan O'Brien not too long ago (it's now March 2006), I went "Dude. I must make a fanlisting for this woman," as she is lovely, intelligent, funny, and a great actress. She roxors!