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Sam/Replicator!Sam (spoilers for up to season 8, eps 1, 2, and 11)
The relationship starts with Sam reaching out, in essence, to help a part of herself out of a bad situation, a situation she understands too well, having been tortured by Fifth. As it's revealed, however, the relationship is all along one of manipulation and, finally, betrayal.

Throughout the episode of Gemini, what Sam doesn't realize is that Replicator!Sam is playing it all up, using Sam's emotions and her thirst for knowledge against her, going through with a very delicate and ultimately devastating plan that will benefit the replicators immensely.

After Replicator!Sam flees by severing her arm to get through the stargate, Sam's left to deal with the consequences of the time she spent with the replicator, results of which: the human-form replicators are now immune to the only weapon that worked against them, Fifth is now dead, and there's a virtually unstoppable Sam out there, one without restrictions on her morals and who is bent on taking over the galaxy. That's quite a thing to have between you and another, heh.

The purpose of this fanlisting is to celebrate the relationship in all its aspects, rivalry or friendship, the gentleness of it at first and the hurt, guilt, and despondence of what it all led to (at least on human!Sam's side... I assume Replicator!Sam was left feeling... whatever 'joyous' and 'triumphant' translate to in replicator). You can also see them in a romantic way (though romance is SO not a word I would apply to a pairing of the two, so much as "angsty f-ed up stuff... but way hot and oh-so intellectually stimulating"). It all amounts to their interaction as two beings, which is/was utterly fascinating and shall hopefully be visited upon once again. :)

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Sam/Replicator!Sam really caught me from the very first when watching Gemini. Not in a slashy way, exactly, just a sort of awe in the potential for issues of control, understanding, trust, sympathy, etc. Moral questions, doubting one's self questions. I was fascinated. And it didn't help that Amanda Tapping has fantastic chemistry with herself, hehe.