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What is a fanlisting?
A fanlisting is a place for fans of a subject to build a listing of themselves and other fans for that very subject. It isn't necessarily a mailing list, news service, etc.
This particular fanlisting is part of, a network of over 40,000 fanlistings.

Site info
Original owner, Becky, graciously allowed me to adopt this fanlisting and to keep its name in March 2005. This site was made using Paint Shop Pro 8 and images from Doctor Who (2005) Series 2 fanlisting from the episode, Doomsday, as well as google searches (for the codes).
So Emotional is part of my fanlistings collective, Knick Knack Bliss.

About me
I'm Bonster. I love fanlistings. A lot. I love LJ mood themes a whole heck of a lot, as well. I've made six of them myself. :D