Kyle & Shawn Info

<- Kyle is portrayed by Chad Faust
<- Shawn is portrayed by Patrick Flueger

Kyle Baldwin is the son of Tom and Linda Baldwin. Shawn Farrell is the son of Tom's sister, Susan, and has a brother named Danny.

Kyle and Shawn are about the same age and are very close.

Late one night, sitting by still water, having a few beers, a bright light suddenly appeared overhead, and Shawn disappeared, while Kyle fell into a coma.

Three years later, Shawn, and 4,399 other people return in a blazing ball of light. It turns out some of the 4400, as they are dubbed, have certain gifts, though they may not be viewed as gifts.

Shawn just wants to be a normal teenager, but he finds that his own power is apparently over life, and possibly death. At the end of the pilot episode, he puts his hand on Kyle, who remains in his coma, and suddenly Kyle sits up and takes a deep breath. Then Shawn takes his hand away in shock, and not a little fear.

Time passes, and Kyle is getting worse. There's fluid building and causing pressure on his brain. Finally, the situation is desperate enough that Shawn heals him fully.

During the first season, we don't really see Kyle himself, but one of the others who had orchestrated the abductions of the 4400 and was tagging along with his consciousness. In the season one finale, there's a confrontation, more like conference, between Kyle (er, Other Awareness Kyle) and Tom, and Tom learns that the beings are from the future and that they sent the 4400 back to save humanity.

Agent Lytell, who has been a thorn in everyone at NTAC's side, shoots Kyle mid-communion with Tom, breaking it. Kyle lies there bleeding, until the being within ignites with a bright glare of light, and Kyle is healed, alive, not in a coma, and at last himself.