Kathi is the webmaster of riotinmyheart.net & milkhoney.org. I simply adore her. She lives in the northwest quadrant of the USA (stalk her from that info alone, bwahaha). She's kind, has a heck of a sense of humor, and I really am proud to call her my friend. :)

A former staffer at The Fanlistings Network, she likes/loves many things, including her family, her boyfriend Sean, Law & Order (and its various incarnations), Stargate Atlantis (especially one Elizabeth Weir, hee), Passions (when she catches it), good music (she is SO a music pimp. I would not have heard a lot of good stuff without her having provided some guidance), good books and movies, and much more. Basically, Kathiness roxors like whoa. :D

She also has a livejournal, arienette.

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