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Joy Lass

She's one of my favorite characters on Dead Like Me. She's the mother of George and Reggie, wife to Professor Lass, and she's got it rough.

She's rather cynical and somewhat snarky, and she's also sad. And her sadness really touches me; I empathize heavily with her, even while I'm going, "Geez, could you be more annoying?" (Just like we all do with our own mothers).
Everything really is a struggle for her, especially interacting with her daughters (well, daughterS before George died), who are rather hard to interact with in the first place.

She's a woman who likes keeping to traditions and routines, but with all the change going on in her life, she tries to go with the flow as best as she can.

She's an admirable woman, and a cool human being. Some of the most poignant and fascinating things that happen on the show, aside from all the supernatural dealings and lessons to learn, are the situations she and Reggie find themselves in, such as taxidermy class or when the family go to the cabin they've gone to every summer and decide to go somewhere else the next year. It all makes for both great television and wonderful stories that you want to revisit again and again. And Joy heavily contributes to that for me.

And you know you love her, too! So join the list of fans. ;)