List O'Skits

List of scene selections/skits from the movie itself (not the extra ones found on the dvd).

rent-a-car crash-up derby
the muscle stimulator
fatty fall down
golf cart antics
party boy japan
alligator tightrope
fireworks wake-up
the shoplifter
hardware store crap
clipper cam
the bungee wedgie
riot control test
the big cone
ass kicked by girl
tropical pole vaulting
night pandas
rocket skates
roller disco truck
wasabi snooters
the gong
bam's mom says fuck
the handrail
paper cuts
the fortune teller
sweaty fat fucks
department store boxing
whale shark gummer
tidal wave
off-road tattoo
ass rockets
bmx tug-of-war
yellow snowcone
golf course airhorn
the burglars
butt x-ray
end credits
Son... of Jackass