Dead Man's Chest

James Norrington (Portrayed by Jack Davenport)
Dirty, bitter, drunk, quite cheeky. And by the end of the movie, steals Jack's heart. *snicker*

Captain Jack Sparrow (Portrayed by Johnny Depp)
Floats in a coffin, shoots a bird, then uses the gun as a periscope, though, really, one wonders how effective that was as a periscope. He likes to shoot the undead monkey, Jack, as it is a stress reliever. After he tricks Will onto the Flying Dutchman, Jack makes a deal with Davy Jones to bring Jones 100 souls. He goes off to recruit whoever in whatever circumstances, and one of the recruits ends up being Norrington, who has seen better days. Jack even tells him, "You smell funny." At the end of the movie, though he poses very heroically, he and the Pearl are swallowed by the Kraken, which is probably the only thing that smells worse than Norrington.

Will Turner (Portrayed by Orlando Bloom)
He is arrested on his wedding day, but given the option of Elizabeth's freedom if he will bring an item to Lord Beckett: Jack's compass. He is later tricked into serving on Davy Jones's Flying Dutchman, because Jack is... well, a pirate. But then, with the help of his father, Bootstrap Bill Turner, Will effects his escape, using nothing but his wits (and expert handling of tentacles).

The Trio

The triple sword fight (of hotttttt) is over the fate of Davy Jones's heart and what it represents to each of them, which is: Norrington's redemption, Jack's bargaining chip, and Will's saving his father's eternal soul. In the scuffle, Norrington obtains the heart and creates a diversion so the others escape, though they don't know he has the 'thump-thump'. The Kraken comes after the Black Pearl, and Elizabeth figures out it's really after Jack and not the rest of them, so she kisses him (distracts him) and chains him to the Pearl. The Kraken comes and swallows Jack and the Pearl. Will, having witnessed the kiss between Elizabeth and Jack, thinks Elizabeth is upset about Jack's death because she loves him, and so he proceeds to go along with a plan that Tia Dalma has for getting Jack back. Will is the ultimate do-gooder really, and I <3 him. Norrington, meantime, has taken the heart to Beckett, because, basically, James would quite appreciate a bath.

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