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I'm Bonster. I adoreworshiplove Harry Potter and fanlistings. Harry and Neville are my HP OTP, actually (well, if you're going "what do you root for canonically?", that's Harry/Ginny, but imagination-wise, fic-wise, I'm enamoured of Harry/Neville). Lupin was my favorite character, then in book four he faded from view. Then came OotP. Dear god. My Neville love was always there, but whoa. It exploded after that. He's one of my favorite characters of anything ever, and by far my favorite of HP, though I do love Harry as well (and Ginny and Arthur and George and Ron and Hagrid and Dumbledore and Mad Eye and the list goes on).
No unconventional pairings jumped out at me when reading the series the first time. Granted, I did read it before I was a subtext whore. Though Remus and Sirius aresomarried. And once I finally was exposed to slash and unconventional pairings, I was still rooting for Harry/Ginny. But then. Neville. Oh, Neville. With the advent of OotP there is such a gold-mine of potential for various things, so many questions brought up, so many important things falling into place, that one can't help, really, going there (especially if ye are a slash fiend, as I am). The pairing just fascinates me. As does the potential for their friendship. Neville is a stalwart kind of guy, as we saw. He's empathetic, can keep his self together very well in contrast to his natural clumsiness, and the idea of him and Harry connecting... *sigh*. Happy place. :D