Warrior... Princess Quotes

Gabrielle: The woe of hearts long dead, Pounds soundly in my head, For a Warrior Princess lives, In a world of broken... Broken-- bives? mives? sieves? Broken sieves-- It could work.

Gabrielle: Could you please move? Youíre blocking my sunlight.
Man: Iíll gladly return the sun, for a price.
Gabrielle: Sunlight is free from the gods.

Diana: Tell me what to do to be a convincing Xena.
Gabrielle: Well, for starters, stop crying.

Diana: Why are you throwing those rags on the soil?
Gabrielle: Itís gonna be dark soon; I think we should get some sleep.

Diana: I could eat a whole pickled croesus on my own.
Gabrielle: Couldnít we all?

Gabrielle: Sheís so beautiful-- Look how her hair shines.
Xena: Well, they sure brush it enough.

Gabrielle: You had people waiting on you hand and foot, fulfilling your every whim.
Xena: Hey, thatís what youíre here for.