The Path Not Taken Quotes

Gabrielle: You see, Xena, the way I look at it, life is an adventure to be explored. And without adventure, whatís the point? Granted, with you sometimes it gets a bit too adventurous. But thatís what makes it interesting.

Gabrielle: Hmmm-- Places like this always have the best food. Ha-ha!-- And atmosphere-- Two important ingredients to fine dining.

Gabrielle: Lovely. Now, this is the salt of the earth. Well, you gotta admit, the people of Lerna might never appreciate who you are, but King Gregor certainly did. He wouldíve lost his whole kingdom, if it werenít for you. Ale, please. Yep, the baby got a home; Gregor got a son; Pandora got some rest; and the way you figured out that prophecy, well, I, for one, am still amazed.
Man: OK! You win!
Gabrielle: Hah! Did you ever notice that we never have trouble getting a table?

Gabrielle: Why donít I like the sound of this? Youíre going to a place known the world over, as, the den for cutthroats, thieves, and mercenaries, and, youíre not wearing a disguise.
Xena: Donít need a disguise. Theyíll remember me. I think I can use that to my advantage. And besides, in a strange way, itíll be nice to see some of them again.
Gabrielle: Youíre terrible at reassurance-- did anyone ever tell you that?

Gabrielle: Listen. A sensitive guy like you would only fall in love with a very special girl. And anyone who would raise this special girl is probably very special himself, and therefore, reasonable.

Gabrielle: What we have here is a failure to communicate. No one talks-- thatís the problem. When I meet the king, Iíll explain that-- this whole war thing is just a terrible misunderstanding. Weíll get through this, Iím sure of it. The key is to meet with him.
Soldier: Noon, tomorrow.
Gabrielle: To meet the king?
Soldier: The executioner.

Gabrielle: I wish I could have met him. Iím sorry.
Xena: He was my friend.
Gabrielle:To be remembered like that is a good thing.