The Titans Quotes

Man: Sheís read it five different ways. What could be the problem?
Gabrielle: Huh! The rhythms. I know this is really rude, but-- Well, heís right. Sheís not reading it correctly. Well, thatís a Dorian chant, and sheís using Ionian rhythms. I-- Iíve made quite a study of this. Shall I try? Hmm: ĎEfkarISto paRApoli. Etsi kay etsi. YAsoo kalamera. YAsoo kalanicta. YAsoo kalanoches!í You see, you just put the emphasis on the first syllable.

Gabrielle: This is Xena! Sheís my best friend!
Crias: We honor all friends of the virgin goddess.
Gabrielle: You know-- Iíd-- Iíd rather you not tell everybody Iím a virgin-- itís kind of personal-- You know what I mean?
Crias: Whatever you say, oh sacred one.

Gabrielle: Please, please. Iím not looking for worldly rewards. Iíll be satisfied if I can make your little community whole again-- with the help of the Titans, of course. And I donít plan to stop here. No. Iím gonna take the Titans with me, throughout the world-- solving mankindís problems-- wherever we go.

Gabrielle: Call me Gabrielle. You can save the holy stuff for formal occasions.

Gabrielle: And what do you suggest?
Hyperion: That you use your godly powers to create a feast for us.
Gabrielle: My godly powers. Um-- you know, I donít use my powers in that way. I consider it showing off.

Phyleus: She got away!
Gabrielle: After youíve been around her for a while, you come to expect these things.

Gabrielle: HERitah, HERitah, HERitah. YAsoo HERitah. CAli HeriTAH. Maybe youíve got the wrong chant.
Hyperion: Itís the right chant! If said correctly by a virgin, it should release the other Titans!
Gabrielle: Well, thereís your problem. Iím not a virgin anymore.

Hyperion: It has to be read by the same virgin who released us-- It wonít work now.
Gabrielle: Yes, it will! I deliberately mis-read that other chant.

Gabrielle: And Xena gave me the scroll just in time-- She saved the day-- as usual.
Phyleus: She couldnít have done it without you.
Gabrielle: Youíre right.

Gabrielle: You were almost my first.
Phyleus: And you were almost mine.

Gabrielle: I wanted to make up for what I did, so that you wouldnít hate me.
Xena: For your information, I could never hate you. Your heartís always in the right place.
Gabrielle: Even when I tried to rule the world with the Titans?
Xena: Everybody makes mistakes.
Gabrielle: Well, what about when I got myself kidnapped so I could stop a war.
Xena: Hey, that took a lot of guts on your part.
Gabrielle: What about when I, I got your horseís reins tangled?
Xena: Look-- the point is, weíre friends. And, we shouldnít let things like that come between us. Come on. Gabrielle?
Gabrielle: Yeah?
Xena: Donít you ever touch my horse again.
Gabrielle: Right.