The Black Wolf Quotes

Gabrielle: Thatís good, yeah. Thatís nice. I need my tomato.

Gabrielle: Have you seen Xena? She-- sheís tall. Sheís beautiful. She-- piercing blue eyes-- swings a mean right hook.

Gabrielle: I figure two things. One-- if youíre here, itís because you want to be, which means that you have a plan to get out; and two-- youíre gonna need my help. You couldnít ask for it, of course-- thatís not you. But-- you knew Iíd get down here, and Iíd bring you this--
Xena: My chakram.

Gabrielle: You know, you wouldnít be in here in the first place if you had kept your hands off my tomatoes.

Gabrielle: Whatís dangerous? Look-- Xena wants us to collect as many shirts as we can; wet them; use them as air bladders; and escape through the underwater river.
Salmoneus: Hah!
Gabrielle: Itís a great plan.

Gabrielle: I said shirts-- shirts, not shorts.
Salmoneus: Shirts, shorts-- whatever.

Gabrielle: See the pointy ends of those swordie-things the guards are carrying?
Salmoneus: Yeah?
Gabrielle: Stay away from them.