Return of Callisto

Gabrielle: Perdicus, I donít know if Iím really who you think I am. I mean, I fight.
Perdicus: But you never kill.

Xena: Heís a good man.
Gabrielle: He is. Heís so sensitive and kind. You know-- Iíve never known anyone that Iíve ever been so comfortable around-- besides you.
Xena: Look, Gabrielle-- if itís me youíre worried about, let me set your mind at rest. Seeing you happy will make me happy. And if that means settling down with Perdicus, then-- you have my blessing.

Xena: Iíll be knocking on your door so often, youíll be sick of me.
Gabrielle: Hmm-- never.

Perdicus: Youíre gonna miss her, arenít you?
Gabrielle: Yeah. Iím more worried about her missing me, though. Sheís gonna be all alone. I have you.

Gabrielle: Perdicus-- I know what love is, now. Itís life. Everything is united by love alone.

Gabrielle: From here on out-- all I want on my hands is Callistoís blood.
Xena: Gabrielle-- leave Callisto to me. You need time to mourn.
Gabrielle: I have the rest of my life to mourn. I want to see her dead.
Xena: Gabrielle.
Gabrielle: In the morning, Iím going after her. Now, the question is, are you going to come with me, or not?

Gabrielle: My ideals were a lie. I thought love was the strongest power on Earth. What a fool. Love is helpless in the face of cruelty.
Xena: Gabrielle, if youíre taken over by hatred-- Callisto wins.
Gabrielle: Iíve got news for you, Xena. Sheís already won. Now, show me how to use a sword.

Gabrielle: Teach me. Teach me. Teach me!
Xena: I wonít do it.

Xena: First thing, is that your sword-- is not a staff. You have to learn how to parry so you can look for an opening. And keep eye contact. Thatís how you anticipate the next move.
Gabrielle: OK. Again. Again. Again! Iím gonna kill her. Again! Teach me. Teach me! Teach me. Again. Again! Teach me how to kill her, Xena. Iím gonna cut her open and watch her bleed. Iím gonna kill her, Xena! Teach me how to kill her.

Xena: What were you doing?
Gabrielle: Loving him.