Remember Nothing Quotes

Gabrielle: I always wanted to have a brother.
Xena: Hah! That must have made your sister happy.
Gabrielle: I mean, in addition to Lila.

Xena: So, you're just gonna let these three kill and destroy and do nothing about it. I don't buy that-- not from you.
Gabrielle: You don't even know me.
Xena: Maybe you donít know yourself.

Gabrielle: Why are you doing this? I know what you said about wanting to help me-- but if there's one thing I've learned, it's that you can't trust anyone. Now, what about you? Guess, you need another slave, huh?
Xena: No-- You're right, though. There is a reason I'm doing this. You remind me of my best friend.
Gabrielle: I do?
Xena: When I look at you, I see-- the purest, the kindest person I've ever known. Someone who's full of wonder, and-- and stories, and would never give up on anything-- or anyone.
Gabrielle: Then you better look again. Itís not me.

Gabrielle: If it wasn't for you-- I would never have known how it felt to be free again. I don't know whether to thank you or to hate you.
Xena: Hate me?
Gabrielle: At least, before, I'd forgotten what a real life was. You showed me all of that. You gave me hope. You made me think that maybe it wasn't too late for me. But now--
Xena: Iím sorry.

Gabrielle: Hereís your sweet thing.

Xena: Do you think the Fates have our lives planned out?
Gabrielle: If they do, I wish they'd tell us.
Xena: Me too.