The Reckoning Quotes

Gabrielle: I'm gonna go find that road.
Xena: It should be straight ahead, I told you.
Gabrielle: Yeah, well you told me that an hour ago when I still had feet.

Gabrielle: This horse hates me.

Gabrielle: You gave your word. I'm free and I can go where I want. Or does your oath mean as little to you as your laws?

Xena: Save yourself. We're up against more than you know.
Gabrielle: I understand you may be feeling a little negative at the moment. You can't give in to that! Justice prevails.

Gabrielle: If you're going to murder one, why not murder two? What's the difference?
Peranis: She's the only murderer here.
Gabrielle: Not for long.

Gabrielle: Have you ever helped someone on your farm who was-- badly injured and bleeding?
Peranis: One time, yeah.
Gabrielle: Any of the blood get on you?
Peranis: Well of course-- I was helping him.
Gabrielle: Exactly my point.

Gabrielle: Nobody here cares that she didn't kill anyone. Nobody cares that she was only trying to help! Nobody believes that she fought the real murderer! All you care about is executing someone! I'd've run away, too-- so would you.

Gabrielle: I found Argo. I'll wrap this rope around the bars, and we can pull them out of the wall.
Xena: How could you come back after what I did to you?
Gabrielle: What you did wasn't you; I know that. I also know now that there's a big difference between what justice is and what the law is. I don't think we'd better wait around for justice.
Xena: No. If I run now, I'll be running forever.
Gabrielle: Well, it beats being dead.

Xena: You coming back for me really meant a lot after what I did to you.
Gabrielle: I trust you. I never thought for a moment you meant to hurt me.