The Prodigal Quotes

Gabrielle: Everyoneís a critic.

Gabrielle: Yeah, since hooking up with you, well, Iíve-- Iíve nearly been eaten by a Cyclops. And, I was almost forced to marry Morpheus; and, practically squashed by a Titan.

Gabrielle: I canít endanger you. Donít you see that? Iím just a liability.
Xena: Itís a risk I think I can take.
Gabrielle: But I canít.

Gabrielle: Another 22 leagues to go? How is it, Man can solve the riddle of the Sphinx, but he still canít make a decent road map? I donít know.

Gabrielle: A warrior-- Hah! Xena would never act like this. It shows a total lack of respect-- not just for us, but for himself. And one thing a fighter canít afford to lose is self-respect.

Gabrielle: The village couldnít afford both you and weapons. They chose you. What good are special javelins if no one here can throw them? The truth is-- Youíre all weíve got-- And youíre a worthless drunk.

Lila: It was like you forgot I existed.
Gabrielle: I never forgot you-- ever. Look, Lila, Xenaís my friend, yes, but youíre my sister. Nobody could ever replace you-- In fact, youíre the reason I came home-- for good.

Damon: Who are you? What do you want?
Gabrielle: Well, those are-- two very good questions, and-- not to be answered lightly. After all, do any of us really know who we are? And as for what we want, well, I think it was Sophocles who once said--
Damon: Kill her.

Gabrielle: What does it look like? Iím rescuing you.
Meleager: Thatís not what it looks like.
Gabrielle: Maybe not-- But it will.

Gabrielle: I watched you yesterday. You know what I saw? I saw a competent, caring woman. You werenít the little girl you were when I left here. It just hit me. You are-- Youíve grown up.

Lila: Xena really taught you a lot, huh?
Gabrielle: Yes, she did-- She taught me when to fight, when to talk. She taught me how to know the difference between a friend and an enemy. And, she taught me what it means to have a best friend.
Lila: Then, whyíd you come back?
Gabrielle: Because some things canít be taught. Some things, you either have or you donít. Like the connection you can only feel with your sister. Xena canít teach me that-- I already have it.

Gabrielle: Come on, weíve gone this far. Letís give these sons of gryphons a welcome theyíll never forget.

Lila: A dinar for your thoughts?
Gabrielle: Donít waste your money.

Gabrielle: So you like that move, huh?
Xena: Yeah, it was all right.
Gabrielle: All right?! Well, I could teach it to ya.