Orphan of War Quotes

Xena: I told you everything.
Gabrielle: Yeah, now you've told me everything-- everything except why. I mean-- how could you walk out on your own child?
Xena: You donít understand.
Gabrielle: No, I do understand. Any woman would. I just can't believe you did it. I mean, he's your son, for Gaea's sake.

Gabrielle: So whoever has the stone has the power of Ixion's wicked creation.
Xena: Right.
Gabrielle: I can see why the Centaurs tried to stop you, and why Borias turned against you.

Gabrielle: I don't know what it's like to have a son. But I do know what it's like to have a mother. And he should know that.

Gabrielle: I learned a long time ago, that a sword makes you a target-- not with a staff. You see, there are no sharp ends to threaten anyone. You donít have to pretend you're a warrior.

Solon: How did you do that?
Gabrielle: I did it without a sword, and without being a warrior. Do you want me to teach you?
Solon: Yeah.

Kaleipus: What in Zeus' name is that?
Gabrielle: If you don't know, it must be Xena.

Gabrielle: Xena-- Now before you say anything, I-- Well when you jumped at me earlier, I-- I deserved it. I'm not saying that I agree with you. But-- Well I pride myself on being your friend. And-- I should've realized that you were hurting and--
Xena: That's okay.
Gabrielle: I'm here for you.
Xena: Always.

Gabrielle: This will be better. You'll be doing backflips in no time.
Solon: I could never do them before.

Gabrielle: Xena's pretty amazing, isn't she?
Solon: Yeah-- She sure knows a lot.
Gabrielle: You know, she's a good person, too. She always does what's right-- even when it hurts her. I forget that sometimes.
Solon: She's not like I heard.
Gabrielle: You know, this is the only Xena I've ever known. I find it hard to understand the hatred that she gets somtimes, when we travel-- from people who just don't know her the way I know her. I guess they're afraid of the old Xena.
Solon: I'm not afraid of her anymore.
Gabrielle: Do you still hate her?
Solon: No.