Is There a Doctor In the House? Quotes

Xena: Itís a war, Gabrielle.
Gabrielle: I canít bear to think of all the innocents who suffer because of this madness. Someone has to stop it. Come on, Xena-- not even you can stop an entire war. All right! Well look-- I did not mean that as a challenge.
Xena: Stay here with Ephiny.
Gabrielle: What are, what are you going to do?
Xena: Iím gonna find a safe place for Ephiny to have her baby. And then Iím gonna stop this war.
Gabrielle: Iíve got to learn to keep my mouth shut.

Gabrielle: Youíre not alone. Your friends and your family are here with you.
Ephiny: Family?
Gabrielle: Hey-- Iím you sister Amazon, remember?

Gabrielle: Oh-- sorry-- Medicine is _not_ my strong suit.
Marmax: Right. What is your strong suit?
Gabrielle: Iím a bard.

Marmax: He became the hunted-- the worst thing that can happen to a great hunter.
Gabrielle: Thatís what he thought, at first. But then he became so fond of the peaceful ways of the deer, that he actually grew to love them. Of course, he still missed his friends and family, which made him very sad. So Artemis took pity on him-- turned him back into his human form.

Marmax: But what a nightmare-- a warrior having to live the life of a deer.
Gabrielle: Actually, it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He became a better king after the experience-- a much happier man.
Marmax: Why is that?
Gabrielle: Because he learned the true secret of life-- is to find peace in yourself-- and to share it with the world.

Marmax: Too bad it has nothing to do with-- real life.
Gabrielle: Life is only what you make of it.

Gabrielle: Breathe. Come on. Come on. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.
Xena: Gabrielle, stop-- stop. Itís over, just let him go.
Gabrielle: Why? We tried so hard. We worked so hard. Why?

Gabrielle: Iím sorry. I-- I-- I really did try.
Xena: It wasnít your fault. Deathís just part of this work. Youíre gonna have to get used to it.
Gabrielle: OK, I will. Iíll-- Iíll try to do whatever you need me to do.

Gabrielle: It was the salve.
Democritus: No, it was your voice and your smile-- You gave him a sense of peace. You have a remarkable gift for healing.
Gabrielle: No, thatís Xenaís specialty.
Democritus: Well, when a manís in pain, his soul needs healing, just like his body. And thatís what you did. It was a beautiful thing to watch.
Gabrielle: Thank you.

Ephiny: Iím right here.
Gabrielle: I want-- I want you to have my right-- my right of caste.
Ephiny: Stop talking like that.
Gabrielle: Itís important. I wonít need it.

Gabrielle: I wanted to thank you for saving my life-- again. You always seem to be doing that.
Xena: It was your decision to come back.
Gabrielle: Well, how could I leave you? We have so many wars to stop and despots to foil. Youíre gonna need my help.
Xena: I couldnít do it without you.

Gabrielle: You know, youíre not gonna believe this, but, I had the most amazing dream when I was on the other side. There was this green, peaceful pasture, with the most beautiful trees.