Hooves and Harlots Quotes

Gabrielle: Itís a walking stick. Itís very useful. You can walk with it; you can lean on it, if you need a rest. And, you can kill nasty little critters if you wanna lie down. Yeah. Itís got a good feel.

Gabrielle: Well, Iím all for that. Iíve always considered myself a single-minded person. Of course, if I got married Iíd have to ask my husband if that was OK-- That was a joke.

Gabrielle: Now, what did you mean by, ĎIím not a friend of the Centaurs.í?
Xena: A long time ago, my army fought the Centaurs.
Gabrielle: Yeah, well, I guess they wouldnít be your friends if you defeated them in battle.
Xena: I fought them-- I never defeated them.

Gabrielle: It sounds like the Centaurs have been asking for it.
Xena: Only fools and profiteers ask for war, Gabrielle. Centaurs are neither.

Melosa: With her dying wish, Terreis bestowed all her rights and possessions to you-- and her position.
Gabrielle: Wait. You mean, Iím an Amazon?

Gabrielle: 'Itís a manís world. Not because it should be, but because we let them have it.í Yeah, I guess thatís true.

Ephiny: Come, now.
Gabrielle: Iím sorry, you must have me mistaken for a pet.
Ephiny: Would you come with me?
Gabrielle: Thatís better.

Gabrielle: Iím really, really bad at this. No, no; no, no-- I have two left feet, facing backwards. No, they wouldnít let me dance at the crop festival because I brought a bad harvest.

Gabrielle: I canít kill someone.
Melosa: Youíre an Amazon, Gabrielle. To refuse would be treason, and your own death.

Xena: Whatís this?
Gabrielle: Iím an Amazon Princess?

Gabrielle: We gotta come up with some hand signals or something.

Ephiny: This is yours.
Gabrielle: I canít take this. Your mother gave it to you.
Ephiny: An Amazon Princess doesnít refuse a gift from another Amazon. Please-- I want you to carry it.

Gabrielle: I just thought it would be great to be an Amazon. I didnít realize what it meant. But, Iíve learned my lesson. Everything I know, you know. From now on, no more secrets.
Xena: Weíll see how long that lasts.

Gabrielle: Huh. You know, I just thought of something. Youíre a Warrior Princess, and Iím an Amazon Princess. Thatís gonna make such a great story.