Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Xena: Shh. Listen.
Gabrielle: I donít hear anything.
Xena: Thatís your answer. This is the Bacchae forest.
Gabrielle: The hunting grounds for Bacchus-- the god of wine-- and his Bacchae followers. So-- we should hear Orpheus. His music is said to tame the Bacchae.
Xena: And without it, these woods arenít safe.

Gabrielle: They say that-- a single bite from a Bacchae can turn a young, innocent woman into a wild, soulless creature, whose only allegiance is to Bacchus.

Gabrielle: And, once bitten, sheís lured into his lair to drink his blood. If she does, thereís no way to save her. She becomes a Bacchae-- forever.

Gabrielle: They say that-- the Bacchae women can take many forms-- sometimes, just-- roaming the forest as wolves. Driven with an unquenchable thirst for blood, they track their intended victim relentlessly-- until they corner him. Then they tear him apart-- limb from limb.

Gabrielle: You play the lyre.
Joxer: Yeah, I play the lyre. Donít advertise it all over town. I got a reputation to maintain.

Joxer: Guys-- wait up! Hey-- so whatís next?
Gabrielle: Next, huh?
Joxer: Yeah.
Gabrielle: Ah, we-- we fight Medusa, right?
Xena: Right.
Gabrielle: Well, you know, the-- the one with snakes all over her head.
Xena: Right.
Gabrielle: And, and-- one look, and the mightiest of men is turned into stone.
Xena: Right.
Joxer: Sone, huh? Oh, hay, listen, ah, um-- I just remembered-- itís my momís birthday. And sheís getting, you know, the--. I-- I better get back home, but, um-- Iíll catch up with you guys a little later.