The Giant Killer Quotes

Gabrielle: You know, you think she'd mention that her friend was taller than most pine trees.

Gabrielle: You write stories?
David: Mostly psalms-- you wouldn't understand.
Gabrielle: I know what a psalm is. It's a religious poem. I'm pretty good with a story myself.
David: Really? Think you can make up an escape story, and get us out of here?
Gabrielle: I already have. But, you wouldn't like it. Xena leads the way.

Gabrielle: You're gonna have to kill the both of us!
David: Are you out of your mind?!
Gabrielle: I know what I'm doing?
Dagon: All right.
Gabrielle: What?!

David: You were right. You tell a great escape story.
Gabrielle: Hmm! I thought you'd like it.

Gabrielle: Can I read it?
David: Ah-- it's not very good.
Gabrielle: It doesn't matter. Stories are meant to be told. Stories tell us who we are.

Gabrielle: About you. 'I sing of David, the Warrior Poet of Israel. His courage shown in the battlefield. His gentle nature in his home. His passion in his psalms. And all he did, he did for the love of his family and his God. That's just the beginning.
David: That was beautiful.
Gabrielle: Thank you.

Gabrielle: You wanted to see me?
David: Yeah-- I get the feeling you're avoiding me.
Gabrielle: Avoiding you? No-- um-- You just have a lot of, ah-- well-- I think meeting your betrothed shook me up a little.

David: Anything's possible when you put your faith in the Lord, Gabrielle.
Gabrielle: Yeah, well this one God stuff is a new concept for me.