Death In Chains Quotes

Gabrielle: Looks like theyíre having fun-- not that I envy them, or anything. I mean, what does she have that I donít have? OK-- love. But what about the important things in life? Travel; adventure; meeting interesting people? And as for the apple, I can pick my own.

Gabrielle: I donít get it. Toxeus knew your reputation. So, why would he wanna fight you?
Xena: Becuase he knew my reputation.
Gabrielle: Oh. You mean, he wanted to be known as the man who killed Xena.

Gabrielle: Iíve been thinking. If Sisyphus gets his way, and nobody ever dies, people will have to watch how they word things. I mean, if you tell someone that youíll love them forever, it means forever.

Talus: You know, awhile ago, I wouldíve been glad to hear that Death had been taken. But now--
Gabrielle: I know. Itís like, after seeing all this suffering, I understand how important she is.

Gabrielle: So, what do you think of Talus?
Xena: Heís nice.
Gabrielle: íNice?í Hah! Youíre kidding, right? You didnít hear the story he told. It was warm and sensitive. And it cheered up that poor man. Heís perfect, Xena. Heís funny; heís smart; heís--Ē
Xena: All right. All right. Heís more than nice.

Gabrielle: Not much of a housekeeper, is he?