Death Mask Quotes

Gabrielle: And I hit it! Did you see that?
Xena: Mm-hmm.
Gabrielle: Yeah-- of course you did. Even while you were explaining it, my whole body was listening for that arrow. I can still feel that warrior fever just coursing through my blood.

Gabrielle: You know? My sister and I used to argue. Yeah, yeah-- we would just go for hours without talking to each other. Come on! This is supposed to be touching. Uh, uh, uh-- I mean-- a brother and sister who havenít seen each other for years should have more to say to each other than just--
Xena: So, youíre an assassin, now, huh?
Gabrielle: Itís a start.

Gabrielle: No, no-- thatís your way of saying, ĎItís too dangerous to be around me right now, Gabrielle.í Well, have you ever considered that there isnít a safe time to be around you? Now, that village doesnít need my help, but you might-- and Iím going with you. Now, if thatís all, Iíll just be practicing with my staff-- end of discussion.

Toris: What are you doing?
Gabrielle: Iím listening with my body. See, Xena says that you have to listen for the attack before you see it. Sheís just-- sheís amazing. I mean-- Iíve learned so much about inner strength just from watching her. When we first met, I was this little girl from Poteidaia.

Xena: Hey.
Gabrielle: Oh, I know. Itís-- easier to get two in than three. Iíll just go-- guard some villagers or something-- even if theyíre not in danger.

Gabrielle: Weíll stay, and weíll help you fight-- whatever it takes, weíre with you.