Chariots of War Quotes

Gabrielle: And so, Zeus, in his appreciation, turned the two lovers into oak trees. And then do you know what happened?
Xena: Somebody built a boat out of them?
Gabrielle: No-- their branches intertwined, and they spent the rest of their days in each otherís embrace.
Xena: Whatís the point?
Gabrielle: Come on, Xena. I believe everyone will find their tree in the forest someday-- even you.
Xena: I find the strongest trees in the forest stand alone.
Gabrielle: You donít have to be strong all the time, Xena; sometimes itís good for the soul to be soft.

Gabrielle: Donít forget about me.
Xena: I wonít.

Thug: Let me buy you a mug of ale. But then youíll owe me.
Gabrielle: How generous. Of course, I have to decline. What would people think? I mean, me a-- a young, innocent girl-- taking gifts from a swarthy stranger? Hmm! The gossip alone would send this town reeling.

Sphaerus: So, um, how longíve we been seeing each other, ah--
Gabrielle: Gabrielle-- and you fell madly in love with me the moment we met.
Sphaerus: Well, itís no wonder. The- the way you kiss.

Gabrielle: Ah-- Iím looking for my best friend-- maybe youíve seen her? Six feet tall, dark hair, lots of leather. She fights like the Harpies in a bad mood. Her nameís Xena.
Sphaerus: Ah, no, uh, sorry. This friend of yours, you were, you were close?
Gabrielle: Are you kidding? Like this. I donít know what Iím worried about. If anyone can take care of herself, itís Xena.

Gabrielle: If My mother always wanted me to get married and have kids. And I remember, telling her that Iíd always be grateful for the way that she raised me. But she couldnít expect me to pay for that with my future.

Gabrielle: Xena, itís me! Where have you been? Iíve been looking all over for you.
Xena: I ran into a little trouble.
Gabrielle: You-- trouble? Thatís a surprise! You couldnít send a messenger? I was worried sick!
Xena: Iím sorry.
Gabrielle: Did you just apologize?
Xena: Thereís a farmhouse down the road. Nice people. I want you to wait for me there.
Gabrielle: Where are you going? No, no. No-- Iím not waiting around while you have all the fun. Now, come on. You going to just stand there all day?

Gabrielle: I think I might have found my tree in the forest. He was cute, in sort of a-- a rugged, outdoorsy way-- at least I thought so. Anyway, things were going fine until we started talking about his father. And then he just gets up and leaves. Well, now, I have no way of finding this guy, again. What if Iím supposed to intertwine with him and have kids? Now Iíll wind up some lonely, pathetic woman, like-- Never mind.

Gabrielle: If I die, Iíll never talk to you again!
Xena: Jump, Gabrielle-- come on! Jump! You call that a jump?
Gabrielle: No, it was a frantic leap! Best I could do!
Xena: Hold the reins. Iíve lost my chakram!
Gabrielle: Is that supposed to be funny?!

Xena: Do you ever miss your family?
Gabrielle: Sometimes-- but not as much when Iím with you.

Gabrielle: Not till they make those things closer to the ground. I learned something really important today.
Xena: That you can find goodness in unlikely places?
Gabrielle: Yes-- and that I really, really hate chariots.