Cradle of Hope Quotes

Gabrielle: Whatís that? Is that a cat? A big cat? Or, or, or a griffen, yeah. A big gryphon with a cat in its mouth.

Gabrielle: Youíre just the most precious little thing; yes, you are. Xena, can we keep him? It is a him, isnít it? Oh, I always wanted a little brother.
Xena: He belongs with his mother.
Gabrielle: Uh, well, uh, whoever she is, she obviously doesnít want him. I mean, imagine sending a baby down a river.
Xena: Maybe she had a reason.

Gabrielle: What should we call him? I mean, until we find his mother. You know, Gabrielís a nice name. Then of course, Xenos is good, too.

Gabrielle: Heís cute, isnít he?
Pandora: Mmm--Hmm.
Gabrielle: Iíd like to say he has my nose. Huh! What can I say? He does.

Gabrielle: You know, thereís a reward out for us? The word has it, itís over a thousand dinars. Iím tempted to turn myself in.

Gabrielle: I canít believe I touched the box. Pan-- Pandoraís grandmother was cursed because of this. And then Pandora is blessed because of it. Does it all happen because of fate? Or is-- Is it just chance?
Xena: I think it all happened Ďcause you slept on a rock.