Callisto Quotes

Joxer: Um-- Iím a warrior of some repute.
Gabrielle: Hmm! I never heard of you.

Gabrielle: You know, sheíll do anything for revenge.
Xena: I donít blame her.
Gabrielle: Uh-- I do. When will this end? Look at Melas. I know that heís a good man, but, this hate is making him an obsessed killer. Somebody has to say no to this lust for revenge.
Xena: That is so hard to do.
Gabrielle: You did it! When your village was destroyed, you were-- infected with bloodlust. But you overcame it!
Xena: I was lucky. I saw what Iíd become, and I was able to turn around. But if something happened to Mother, or Hercules, or you-- I might do just the same.
Gabrielle: No-- no look, you promise me. If something happens to me, you will not become a monster. Thereís only one way to end this cycle of hatred, and itís through love-- and forgiveness.
Xena: Donít you go changing, Gabrielle. I like you just the way you are. Go get some sleep.
Gabrielle: No-- no, you promise me.
Xena: I promise.

Callisto: How will you feel to see your creation executed without a fair trial, hmm?
Gabrielle: Donít listen to her, Xena. You canít torture yourself over what sheís become.

Xena: I changed; so can she.
Gabrielle: No, her heart has been eaten away by hatred.

Joxer: I am a warrior, and Iím trying to make a name for myself!
Gabrielle: Well, Iíve got some bad news for you. Youíre not a warrior.
Joxer: Oh, great-- hit a man when heís down.
Gabrielle: Listen, Iíve beaten the stuffing out of you both times we met.
Joxer: Listen-- you _donít_ understand. I come from a long line of warlords! Itís like a family tradition!
Gabrielle: Well, Iím really sorry, but you donít have that warrior thing.
Joxer: You donít think so, huh?
Gabrielle: No-- but thatís all right; thatís all right. There are other things you can do. You know-- what interests you, now?
Joxer: I like to steal.
Gabrielle: Other than that.
Joxer: I like fishing.
Gabrielle: Well, there you go. Youíd make a great fisherman.
Joxer: You think?
Gabrielle: Yep, absolutely. And I-- Iíve got a feel for people.
Joxer: Thanks-- Iím Joxer, by the way.
Gabrielle: Gabrielle.

Callisto: So-- what do you think?
Gabrielle: I think Xenaís gonna wipe the floor with you.

Gabrielle: Iím glad you saved Callisto.
Xena: It was the right thing to do.