A Fistful of Dinars Quotes

Gabrielle: I donít know you-- only what Iíve been told.
Petracles: And that is?
Gabrielle: That youíre a bloodthirsty warlord-- who doesnít care about anything or anyone but yourself. Youíd sooner sell out your soul for a profit than keep an honest promise. That kind of stuff.

Petracles: Oh, I donít know-- some people consider me the king of sweet-talk.
Gabrielle: Well-- hand over the crown, Ďcause you just met your match.

Petracles: When I was fifteen, I talked a warlord into giving me his army.
Gabrielle: I once talked a Cyclops out of his dinner. And I was the dinner.
Petracles: I talked Xena into marrying me.
Gabrielle: You can keep your crown.

Xena: I am asking you not to talk to him.
Gabrielle: And I am asking you to trust me.

Petracles: Yes, but I judged everything in terms of the battlefield. And the funny thing was-- when any battle was won, I lost interest in the spoils.
Gabrielle: It must have been an empty experience.

Gabrielle: Purpose? Why, to pay homage to the Mother of the Earth, the goddess of the farm, Demeter. You see-- we are from your sister temple, in Nonamia.
Man:I know of no temple in Nonamia-- Iíve never even heard of the land.
Gabrielle: Itís across the waters-- big waters-- huge waters!

Thersites: You know what my first godlike actís going to be?
Gabrielle: Cure world hunger?