Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards Quotes

Gabrielle: Stories about housework-- cute.

Gabrielle: Oh-- maybe four or five years, or-- maybe a little less, if I-- if I study real hard. Youíd hardly notice I was missing.
Xena: Even if I had an army around me, Iíd still notice you were missing.

Gabrielle & Xena: And when the first man--
Gabrielle: -- reached the end of his journey, he found himself--
Gabrielle & Xena: -- at the beginning.
Gabrielle: The family he had sought had travelled the world with him. The only family he had ever known-- ever needed-- was standing right beside him.

Woman: They forgot to list your lodging.
Gabrielle: They did? I specifically asked for the double-bed with the view.

Gabrielle: All artists suffer for their art.

Gabrielle: And we learn, not to fear death but to accept it as a part of life. You see? There was-- there was no moral to your faking your death.

Gabrielle: Well, when I tell a story, I like it to have a nice ending. You know? Sap up the wrap-up.

Gabrielle: Okay. I canít argue with that. But itís only half the story. You see-- inside all of us-- thereís a yearning to do good-- to be good. And itís the same with the Warrior Princess.

Gabrielle: But now that good has taken root, the will to survive was too great. Her destiny now was to fight for the innocent. And that is what sheís done.

Gabrielle: I wasnít expecting to do this. Then again-- I wasnít expecting to find a baby in a stream-- but there it was.

Gabrielle: Stop focusing on the destination. Itís the journey thatís the fun part.

Gabrielle: Every day is a new adventure, a new challenge. You have to look forward to that. Your father has you thinking only of winning. But youíre never going to get there unless you enjoy the process.

Gabrielle: Well, I know this is gonna sound stupid-- but I realized that while theyíre telling adventures, you and I can be living them.