Episode Guide

The Last of Summer
Original Airing: September 15, 2003
Written by: Greg Berlanti, Rina Mimoun
Directed by: Michael Schultz
Plot Summary: The town of Everwood deals with the aftermath of Colin's unsuccessful surgery by ostracizing the Brown family. Andy feels insecurity and guilt over the fact that he might not have done his very best and regrets his promise to Colin of not resuscitating him if the surgery went wrong. Amy, and the rest of the town, find out about the DNR and confront Dr. Brown over it.

Extra Ordinary
Original Airing: September 22, 2003
Written by: Michael Green
Directed by: David Petrarca
Plot Summary: Andy is concerned that Ephram needs more extracurricular activities to get into a top college, but Ephram is only focused on his Julliard audition, which has surprising results. Amy's lack of interest in college preparation alarms her mother more than her father. Bright's poor grades get him kicked off the football team, threatening the scholarship his father believes may be his only chance to get into a decent school. Meanwhile, Andy tries to help a cheerleader with ruptured breast implants, who cares more about looking good than her own health.

My Brother's Keeper
Original Airing: September 29, 2003
Written by: Vanessa Taylor
Directed by: Michael Schultz
Plot Summary: The entire Abbott family is turned upside down by the return of Dr. Linda Abbott, who has been practicing Eastern-based medicine in exotic locations around the world. Edna, who is blinded with pride, doesn't see her daughter's loneliness, and loses sight of her own life with Irv. But Linda encounters the most resistance from her brother Harold as she announces her decision to join his practice. Meanwhile, Andy learns that some young people may be practicing unsafe sex, and is shocked by their parent's reaction to the situation. Finally, Bright asks Ephram to keep an eye on Amy whose odd behavior has everyone worried.

East Meets West
Original Airing: October 6, 2003
Written by: John E. Pogue
Directed by: David Petrarca
Plot Summary: Andy's well-intentioned plan to give Ephram more free time by hiring college student Madison Kellner as a caretaker for Delia ends up making things worse when Madison treats Ephram like a child, as well as embarrasses him in front of Amy. Meanwhile, Andy's concern for Colin's alcoholic father blinds him to Nina's struggles with her divorce proceedings. Dr. Abbott continues to clash with his sister, Dr. Linda Abbott, when she tries to take over his office, and the difference in their personalities and medical philosophies becomes strikingly clear.

Daddy's Little Girl
Original Airing: October 13, 2003
Written by: Joan Binder Weiss, Rina Mimoun
Directed by: Peter Lauer
Plot Summary: When Andy invites Linda Abbott over for dinner to discuss a patient, Delia lashes out, but it is an enlightened Ephram who figures out the cause of his sister's bad behavior, thanks to insight provided by Madison. Amy's depression deepens, but when her therapist recommends anti-depressants, Dr. Abbott refuses to write a prescription.

Blind Faith
Original Airing: October 20, 2003
Written by:David Hudgins
Directed by: Sandy Smolan
Plot Summary: Dr. Abbott suspects that Linda and Andy like each other more than they should, so he decides to set his sister up with more appropriate suitors. Ephram finally tells Amy how he feels about their relationship, but later he's confused by his new-found feelings for Madison, who comes to the rescue when he needs help to pass his driving test. Andy, in the meantime, tries to help the soon-to-be-remarried Reverend Keyes with his impending blindness, but the minister would rather leave his fate to God than attempt a new treatment that might save his sight.

Three Miners from Everwood
Original Airing: November 3, 2003
Written by: Michael Green
Directed by: Michael Schultz
Plot Summary: When a coal mine collapses, Andy, together with Edna, Linda Abbott, and Harold Abbott, rush to the scene to assist their neighbors. One miner is Will Cleveland, a jazz pianist who has recently become Ephram's mentor. The other is Abbott's next door neighbor, whose outrageous building plans Harold has tried to thwart. The third miner is Ellie Beels, who has been trying to conceive a baby with her husband, a guidance counselor at the high school.

The Burden of Truth
Original Airing: November 10, 2003
Written by: Vanessa Taylor
Directed by: Michael Schultz
Plot Summary: When Phil the mechanic correctly "diagnoses" meningitis rather than flu in Andy's young patient, the town begins to believe he is a seer. Ephram confronts Madison about his feelings for her. Amy agrees to see Linda Abbott for help, but out of desperation, steals her pad to forge a prescription for anti-depressants, forcing Harold to heed Phil's warning about his daughter's condition. Meanwhile, Edna learns the disturbing truth about why her daughter does not want to pursue a relationship with Andy.

Just Like in the Movies
Original Airing: November 17, 2003
Written by: Rina Mimoun
Directed by: Matt Shakman
Plot Summary: Andy courts Linda Abbott despite Edna's and Harold's insistence that he's wasting his time, but Andy persists, forcing Linda to tell him that she is HIV positive. Bright tells Ephram he can win Madison's affections by ignoring her, but the plan goes awry when she breaks up with her boyfriend. Amy meets a flirtatious and attractive town bad-boy, Tommy Callahan, whose compassion for her problems touches her heart for the first time since Colin's death.

Unhappy Holidays
Original Airing: November 24, 2003
Written by: John E. Pogue
Directed by: Jason Moore
Plot Summary: Though horrified to discover that Ephram and Madison are involved, Andy stops short of firing her, but Madison decides to quit leaving the Browns to a very unhappy holiday, especially when Delia discovers another troubling relationship - between her father and Linda Abbott. Stressed by Thanksgiving with his cantankerous mother-in-law, Dr. Abbott reacts badly when Amy brings Tommy to Thanksgiving dinner. Finally pushed to the breaking point, Amy runs away from home.

Family Dynamics
Original Airing: January 19, 2004
Written by: David Hudgins
Directed by: Michael Schultz
Plot Summary: When Andy's relationship with Delia is threatened after he breaks his promise not to date Linda Abbott, he decides to take his daughter on a special bonding trip to regain her trust. Andy is also a bit blind-sided by Ephram's reaction to the relationship with Linda. Meanwhile, Andy finds himself in a tough spot when a woman patient wants to get pregnant through in-vitro fertilization with sperm from her first husband, who is now dead, but her second husband is having real problems over the matter. The Abbott family is still in turmoil as Amy decides to live with Edna and Irv, rather than play by her parents' rules.

Controlling Interest
Original Airing: January 26, 2004
Written by: Michael Green
Directed by: Lev L. Spiro
Plot Summary: Andy tries to intervene when a bulimic high school champion wrestler puts his life in jeopardy for an important tournament. Bright is suspended from school after he fights with Amy's boyfriend, Tommy. Linda Abbott suspects that that Andy is reluctant to move their relationship to a more intimate level because of her HIV status. Finally, Ephram is convinced that Madison is embarrassed to be seen with him.

Forget Me Not
Original Airing: February 2, 2004
Written by: Patrick Sean Smith, Wendy Mericle
Directed by: Michael Schultz
Plot Summary: Caught up in her first fight with Tommy, Amy's reconciliation with her father goes awry when she forgets his birthday dinner. Madison lies to Ephram about liking a love song he wrote, which leads to a fight when she refuses to show the song to her band. Nina finally confronts Andy about neglecting their friendship to spend time with Linda.

No Sure Thing
Original Airing: February 9, 2004
Written by: Joan Binder Weiss
Directed by: Perry Lang
Plot Summary: Ephram gets the wrong idea when Madison tells him her roommate is going to be out of town, but the misunderstanding leads to an intimate moment anyway. In other matters of the heart, Amy decides she's ready to have sex with Tommy, so she works up the courage to ask Dr. Brown to write her a prescription for birth control pills. Meanwhile, Andy makes the important decision to talk to Ephram and Delia about Linda spending the night at their house.

The L Word
Original Airing: February 16, 2004
Written by: John E. Pogue
Directed by: Michael Schultz
Plot Summary: Ephram is horrified and heartbroken after he impulsively tells Madison that he loves her and she doesn't reciprocate. Meanwhile, Linda naively agrees to watch Delia overnight so that Andy can accompany Ephram and his piano teacher, Will, to a jazz competition in Boulder, and Amy breaks up with Tommy after realizing she might not be able to trust him again.

Unspoken Truths
Original Airing: February 23, 2004
Written by: Rina Mimoun, Greg Berlanti
Directed by: Michael Lange
Plot Summary: Ephram and Bright conspire to get Ephram a fake I.D. so that he can get into a bar to see Madison perform with her band. Meanwhile, Nina leans on Andy for emotional support after she is served with divorce papers, but the genuine affection between the two raises a red flag for Linda; Harold and Rose schedule a meeting with Amy's guidance counselor after receiving her less-than-stellar report card. Finally, Tommy takes Amy to a party where she finds closure over the loss of Colin, but the evening takes a life-threatening turn.

Unfinished Business
Original Airing: April 5, 2004
Written by: David Hudgins
Directed by: Sandy Smolan
Plot Summary: Amy moves back home, but finds adjusting to her old life difficult, especially after her parents discover she's taking birth control pills and her former friends give her the cold shoulder. Elsewhere in Everwood, Ephram thinks Madison is going to break up with him, and Andy testifies on behalf of Nina as she and her recently out-of-the-closet ex-husband battle for custody of their son.

Last Looks
Original Airing: April 12, 2004
Written by: John E. Pogue
Directed by: Arvin Brown
Plot Summary: Against Andy's better judgment, Ephram and Madison decide it would be in Delia's best interest if Madison resumed her job as Delia's babysitter. Meanwhile, Amy contemplates going off her anti-depressant medication after Linda suggests she might be ready, and Bright anxiously awaits his college acceptance letters.

Original Airing: April 19, 2004
Written by: Michael Green
Directed by: David Paymer
Plot Summary: Amy confides to Bright that she may have developed feelings for Ephram, but Bright begs her to have mercy on poor Ephram, who is still nursing a broken heart from his recent break-up with Madison. Meanwhile, Linda reveals her HIV status to Delia after the girl confronts her about all the pills she's been taking. While Delia takes the news better than expected, the rest of the town goes ballistic after Linda's secret unintentionally becomes public knowledge. Dr. Abbott faces a potential malpractice suit, and Andy is forced to come clean with Ephram, who doesn't take the news very well.

Do or Die
Original Airing: April 26, 2004
Written by: Vanessa Taylor
Directed by: Michael Schultz
Plot Summary: Ephram and Amy decide to go to prom together as friends, and Amy can't get up the nerve to tell Ephram that she has feelings for him after they run into Madison and Amy realizes that he's still nursing a broken heart. Meanwhile, Linda decides it may be time to leave Everwood behind, and Andy's mentor, Dr. Donald Douglas, asks Andy to perform risky brain surgery on a patient.

Your Future Awaits
Original Airing: May 3, 2004
Written by: Wendy Mericle, Patrick Sean Smith
Directed by: Marita Grabiak
Plot Summary: When Amy accompanies Ephram to his Julliard audition in Boulder, a romantic moment leads her to confess her newfound feelings for him. Meanwhile, Andy struggles to convince his mentor Dr. Douglas that he needs even riskier brain surgery than originally thought and that Andy is the man to do it. Dr. Abbott faces losing his medical practice after it appears no company will insure him. And Bright decides not to attend his graduation ceremony, much to the disappointment of his family.

The Day Is Done
Original Airing: May 10, 2004
Written by: Greg Berlanti, Rina Mimoun, Michael Green
Directed by: David Petrarca
Plot Summary: Ephram is on cloud nine after being accepted into Julliard's summer program, but his emotions are sent into a tailspin when Amy shares her feelings for him and asks that he stay in Everwood for the summer. Meanwhile, Dr. Abbott's family thinks he's gone off the deep end when he decides to open a bagel shop in response to losing his malpractice insurance, and Andy learns a shocking revelation about his family.