Earth Info

Earth is the third planet out from the sun (Sol, our star) in our solar system. It is the only planet of the nine that, according to our most up-to-date knowledge, bears life.
Its orbit is elliptical and so, not a circle. This means some parts of the year we're closer to the sun than other parts of the year.

There are four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
Because of how the Earth is tilted on its axis, if you live in the Northern hemisphere (the top half of the planet) and it is currently Summer, then those that live in the Southern hemisphere (the bottom half) are experiencing Winter. Cool, huh?

There are twenty four hours in a 'day', and the Earth has many different time zones as well. The Prime Meridian (Greenwich, England) is the complete opposite of the International Dateline (Pacific Ocean, thereabouts. I need to get my facts straight heh.)
It takes 365 days for Earth to fully orbit the sun. Though that's not quite precise enough of a measurement, and so every four years, we have leap year, which is a year where we add on a day (to February) to make up the difference.

We have only one satellite moon, and it is the Moon. hehe. The moon spins just so on its axis so that one half is always facing Earth, while the other half (the 'dark side' of the moon) faces...not Earth.

Below it lists in kilometers how far from the sun we are; translated to miles, it should be about 93,000,000. And that's what an AU (astronomical unit) is.
So when they say Pluto is generally 40 AU from the sun, you get a better idea of just how far out our little solar system goes. :D

Earth stats
Mass (kg) 5.976e+24
Mass (Earth = 1) 1.0000e+00
Equatorial radius (km) 6,378.14
Equatorial radius (Earth = 1) 1.0000e+00
Mean density (gm/cm^3) 5.515
Mean distance from the Sun (km) 149,600,000
Mean distance from the Sun (AU) 1.0000
Rotational period (days) 0.99727
Rotational period (hours) 23.9345
Orbital period (days) 365.256
Mean orbital velocity (km/sec) 29.79
Orbital eccentricity 0.0167
Tilt of Axis (degrees) 23.45
Orbital inclination (degrees) 0.000
Equatorial escape velocity (km/sec) 11.18
Equatorial surface gravity (m/sec^2) 9.78
Visual geometric albedo 0.37
Mean surface temperature 15C
Atmospheric pressure (bars) 1.013
Atmospheric Composition
Nitrogen 77%
Oxygen 21%
Other 2%