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Dr. Hook
Andrew McCarthy portrays the surgeon, Dr. Hook, and describes his character as "jaded, yet hopeful, compassionate, remote, accessible". You'd think that 'remote' and 'accessible' would cancel each other out, but they really do not. Hook is a good man, if cynical. He's also brilliant, perceptive, courageous, and has a great sense of humor.

Dr. Hook lives in an area of the Old Kingdom dubbed by him, "Hook's Kingdom". His bed is set up under x-rays, there's a refrigerator where he keeps bottles of water and one time, a head lost by Elmer, there's lots of alcohol (as a little bit of wine helped the Alzheimer's patients, but its use was later discontinued), and there's his rather morbid 'hobby': a mini, mock-graveyard. This graveyard has various names written on crosses which are stuck into small metallic contatiners of soil. There's the doctor's name in front, and the names of the patients who suffered because of the doctor's incompetence or maliciousness behind it. Dr. Hook has kept careful records, and has placed a cross, bigger for more damage done, into each container of soil; he includes his own mess ups, showing no mercy, and yet, taken as a whole, it shows just how much empathy the man has for the patients, for his fellow human beings.

His primary relationships are with Dr. Christine Draper (the romantic kind), Sally Druse (the "Okay, crazy Aunt Edna, you're usually right." kind), and Dr. Stegman (the "I hate you. Die and be gone!" kind).

Fun fact: Andrew McCarthy would sometimes write the medical jargon his character would have to say on the chest of the patient.