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What is a fanlisting?
A fanlisting is a place for fans of a subject to build a listing of themselves and other fans for that very subject. It is not necessarily a mailing list, news service, fan club, etc. This particular fanlisting is part of thefanlistings.org, a network of over 25,000 fanlistings.

What is Dr Pepper?
Dr Pepper is simply the best soda in the world, galaxy, and universe. It is refreshing, addicting, tasty, and made with 23 flavors. Of awesome. ;)

Want more info? Head to the Wikipedia Article on Dr Pepper or the Official Dr Pepper site.

Site info
This site was made with notepad, css, Paint Shop Pro 8, Photoshop CS, and images from google searches.

About me
I'm Bonster. I love fanlistings. A lot. Dr Pepper has been my favorite drink for 20 years. I drink a 2 liter every couple of days. Yes, this is unhealthy, but it's worth it. :D