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D'Hoffryn (Andy Umberger) appeared in four episodes of the television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The episodes were Dopplegangland (3.16), Something Blue (4.09), Hell's Bells (6.16), and Selfless (7.05).

He is head of the vengeance demons and resides in Arash Ma'Har. He can be flippant and endearing, as well as merciless and deadly.

We mostly know about him from his interactions and chats with Anya (formerly Anyanka, his vengeance pride and joy, who lost her power and was made mortal) and Willow (he offered her a place as a vengeance demon, both because of her talent and her knack for causing others pain through magic). He attended Anya's nearly-wedding to Xander Harris, and also turned Anya back into a vengeance demon. He took away her powers, though, when she wished it so (at great sacrifice).

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