Episode Info
Episode #: 308
Written by: Carl Binder
Directed by: Peter DeLuise
Original air date: August 13, 1999

->Summary from back of dvd
SG-1 encounters a medieval civilization and frees a woman tied to a stake as a sacrifice to a demon. With the woman freed, the demon vows to destroy the village unless the SG-1 team is offered up in appeasement.

->My OWN summary of the episode
SG-1 arrives on a planet where there are trees (seriously. Jack even points it out.). They find a well-trodden path leading away from the gate, which indicates a good amount of usage by someone.

They follow the path to a small village and find a girl in chains in the middle of the town square. A man, who we later find out is Simon (played by David McNally, who was in another SG-1 ep, Cor-Ai), runs out to them and begs them to spare her life.

Needless to say, they do. Simon takes them and the girl, Mary (played by Laura Mennell) back to his place (he's the girl's caretaker).

They find out the girl has chicken pox and is not possessed by a demon, as Simon and the townsfolk thought when they were offering her up as a sacrifice to THE demon.

The time comes when THE demon (which turns out to be an Unas that Chris Judge voices) arrives to collect his sacrifice, and hark! There is none! So he bellows that there better be an offering of five sacrifices tomorrow morning, or he'll pick and choose at random. He leaves.

Sg-1 go outside and try to stress that they are merely explorers to Simon and the townsfolk, but those lovely citizens are of the mind that SG-1 are in fact demons from hell, sent to, you know, do bad, nasty, wrong things and bring about torment, yadda.

Then the town's spiritual leader, the Canon (played by Alan C. Peterson), shows up. Has a bit of a talk with them, finds out they came from the 'circle of darkness' and also notices Teal'c's jaffa symbol. After Jack gets a bit snippy, the Canon draws forth the power of his mighty ring! That is, he rubs his fingers over the jeweled ring he wears and then a bolt of lightning shoots down from the sky, knocking unconscious our heroes.

When they wake, they are in a big cage, sans Teal'c. They are pretty much still in the town square, just off in a corner.

Then the uh, Canon's deputies for lack of a better term, bring Teal'c and tie him to a big ole pole. Time for the Mark of the Devil trial! Which Daniel explains (he was very much explanation!boy this ep) that it was a ritual to prove witchcraft (thou art a witch! or in this case, thou art a demon!).

Teal'c, being the stoic wonder that he is, does not flinch nor show any sign of being in pain when the Canon places a burning hot poker to his jaffa tattoo. Well, that means he failed the first test. D'oh!

Now for the water test! The deputies now walk with Teal'c to a picturesque little pond, so that they can do said test. They throw in a rock that is tied to chains which are tied to Teal'c's feet, and shove him in the water to see if he sinks or floats. And it turns out that Teal'c, indeed, is heavier than a duck. [/Monty Python tangent].

So SG-1 are sad, as they believe Teal'c is dead, as do the nuns caring for his body, and the Canon, who decides to let SG-1 go. "Trouble me no more," he says. Heh.

After they're released, Simon asks them for help. But Jack is all "Noooo," and Daniel is all "An innocent young girl! Like duh we should save her!". And of course Jack aquiesces and off they go.

Just in time too! Simon is going to go through with the trepanning ritual!
They arrive right when he's about to jam the big sharp twisted thing into poor Mary's head to free her from the demon that possesses her. *sigh of relief*

Then Teal'c rises from the dead. All that being trained by Bra'tac, he sure knows how to make an entrance. *applauds*

The poor nuns run away screaming, which others hear. Townsfolk see what's up, see that Teal'c's up and about, and then they run away screaming as well.

The rest of SG-1 hears the commotion and heads out to see what's going on. They are ecstatic to see their friend alive and well again. Turns out the symbiote did some filtering of oxygen when they were under water AND Teal'c went into deep Kelnorim, which is a kind of very deep meditation that yoga people probably envy mightily.

Well, they are Canon fodder now (*snicker* get it?), and he has them bound in chains in that same area of the square that the poor girl, Mary, was chained to earlier. And, to boot, he puts her out there again. Harsh, yo.

The morning comes, they are in chains (bondage fun!), and the 'demon', an Unas who works for Sokar (fave goa'uld EVER) shows up and takes them on a little jaunt through the woods, where they, of course, escape.

Meanwhile, Simon talks with the Canon, and the Canon hints that Simon's gonna be next as a sacrifice to appease them there demons if he don't start learnin' his place. Naturally, Simon then runs off to see if he can help SG-1, and therefore Mary and himself, by bringing them their gear (p-90, Teal'c's staff, the GDO, things like that).

So here comes Simon to save the day! He shoots at the unas with Teal'c's staff and green ooze appears, indicating a hit! A second shot produces another patch of goo. Then the unas is upon him! He shoots once more, and it is indeed a powerful blast, and now the green goo is all over him in an explosion of...goo.

SG-1 are powerless to help, being in a chain gang and all. Simon takes off, unas hot on his tail. They run through the forest, and Simon encounters the Canon. The unas is suddenly there, and they're both all "Ack!" Then Simon's faith and courage take over and he stands up to the unas, and gets knocked unconscious with a single blow. But! He showed his courage and bravery and other gold medal worthy stuffs in that long fall down.

Jack and Teal'c show up, having sent Daniel, Sam, and Mary on to the gate. The Canon is sitting there, stunned. The unas is dead and Simon is still unconscious. The Canon claims that it fell down after hitting Simon.

Teal'c examines the body of the dead unas and declares that its wounds were too severe for the goa'uld inside to heal them. Party!

The Canon then declares that Jack and Co have opened his eyes, and he understands that the unas was no demon, but a just a big ugly dude.

Simon wakes up, disoriented. Jack warns him to bury the Circle of Darkness after they leave.

Mary and Simon are reunited in a joyous hug at the gate. Daniel is flabbergasted that Simon's roughed up, the Canon is there, and there is no unas, and demands to know what happened. The Canon explains.

Sam starts dialling up Earth and then she gets that feeling she gets when there's a goa'uld around. She states, accusingly, that the goa'uld that was in the unas ran for it and entered the Canon.

Turns out she's right and Jack shoots him dead. No green goo this time.

Simon and Mary see SG-1 off into that blue-ish horizon and all is well. :D