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 Proprietor Proprietor
Characters: TV: Deadwood: Al Swearengen
Updated: 30th June 2017
12 with 0 pending
 The Lobes for Business The Lobes for Business
Characters: TV: Star Trek: Ferengi
Updated: 30th June 2017
20 with 0 pending
 Chief Chief
Characters: TV: Star Trek: Miles O'Brien
Updated: 30th June 2017
33 with 0 pending
 I Want to Feel Powerful I Want to Feel Powerful
Characters: TV: Teen Wolf: Allison Argent
Updated: 01st July 2017
6 with 0 pending
 Twisted Twisted
Characters: TV: Xena/Hercules: Callisto
Updated: 28th September 2017
195 with 0 pending
 Warrior Bard Warrior Bard
Characters: TV: Xena/Hercules: Gabrielle
Updated: 28th September 2017
58 with 0 pending

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