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Portrayed by Hudson Leick, Callisto is your basic crazy warlord... with a few twists. She's a bit more insane than most and holds Xena responsible for the death of her family when she was a child. Once Callisto enters the picture (both Xena's life, and her, er, unlife), hijinks, and the introduction of many important plot points and characters (Joxer!), ensue throughout the seasons on both Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

For more detailed info on Callisto, check out the wikipedia article.

  * 1.22 Callisto
  * 2.05 Return of Callisto
  * 2.07 Intimate Stranger
  * 2.08 Ten Little Warlords (Xena in Callisto's body)
  * Hercules episode: Surprise
  * 2.14 A Necessary Evil
  * 3.11 Maternal Instincts
  * 3.12 Bitter Suite (illusion)
  * Hercules episode: Armageddon Now I & II
  * 3.21-22 Sacrifice I & II
  * 4.20 Ides of March
  * 5.01 Fallen Angel
  * 5.09 Seeds of Faith