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Miles & Julian

Miles Edward O'Brien (Colm Meaney) and Julian Bashir (Alexander Siddig) did not start out as friends, in fact, Miles barely tolerated Julian. However, after working together for some time, and being forced to do so at times (eps Storyteller, Armageddon Game, etc.), they grew to be friends. Eventually they grew to be best friends, going to Quark's to play darts, go to the holosuites, have a few drinks, etc. (eps Homefront, Statistical Probabilities, etc.)
In the ep, Extreme Measures, they admit that though they love the women in their lives, they very much like each other. (BFF and all that.)
For being such opposites, they have a deep and caring friendship (ep Hard Time), even when they are not that happy with one another (ep Hippocratic Oath).
They are my absolute favorite relationship in all of the Star Trek universe. :)

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