Doctor Elizabeth Weir Doctor Elizabeth Weir - civilian head of the Atlantis expedition.
Major John Sheppard Major John Sheppard - ranking military officer; recruited just before the expedition headed out.
Doctor Rodney McKay Doctor Rodney McKay - Head scientist; worked for years with the stargate program before Atlantis (though part of that was in Siberia, as he can be a pain in the ass); great admirer of Sam Carter.
Teyla Emmagen Teyla Emmagen - leader of the Athosians; believes Atlantis and its people are hope for the galaxy, and when her people move inland, decides to stay with the Atlantis crew.
Lieutenant Aiden Ford Lieutenant Aiden Ford - young, happy-go-lucky lieutenant and kick-ass soldier.
Doctor Carson Beckett Doctor Carson Beckett - the primary medical doctor; has an active ATA gene (the gene of the Ancients) and therefore can work their technology, if he concentrates; also created a retrovirus to allow others to use the gene (only works in 48% of the people).
That ole Wraith gal Female Wraith - A caretaker aboard a hive ship, she was charismatic, superior, and gave a dire warning as she passed on, "The others will awaken. All of them." Wraith suck the life out of you with their hand, and caused the out-numbered, out-gunned Ancients to flee the galaxy.
Doctor Peter Grodin Doctor Peter Grodin - computer guy, can often be seen at the Ancient consoles in the control room
Doctor Radek Zelenka Doctor Radek Zelenka - Czech scientist; is Rodney's right hand and is often counted on in a crisis.
Sergeant Bates Sergeant Bates - Head of security; has many suspicions about Teyla and her people, and voices them often.
Doctor Kavanaugh Doctor Kavanaugh - Scientist who is a real thorn in the side of, well, everyone.

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