Hi! I'm Bonster, and this is my fanlistings collective. It's where I put the fanlistings that I own, as well as the links to the ones that I've joined (which is a great many, lol).

Have a gander and enjoy your stay. :D

Across mee fanlistings are a total of 2,513 fans.
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Previous Updates

APRIL 17, 2014
I finally deem it having enough codes to say 'Come join!' the fanlisting for Allison Argent!! My Queen <3

APRIL 13, 2014
Adopted out Donna Noble to the lovely Suzanne! <3

APRIL 12, 2014
Still have more codes to add, but I'm super happy with the one layout I have and the about the movies page. :D Star Trek series (Movies). BOLDLY GO AND JOIN! :D

APRIL 7 2014
Now approved by TFL, the fanlisting for Kingdom of Loathing! I've also gotten approved for some awesomely great subjects recently, Allison Argent (MY QUEEN) and re-approved for Star Trek movies, which is still being worked on just yet. Been a darn good couple weeks :D

MARCH 29, 2014
Finished the fanlisting for the color of Silver. <3 :D

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